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Westlake, Donald E

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  Donald E. Westlake ((July 12, 1933 – December 31, 2008)


 Born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Yonkers and then Albany, Donald E. Westlake attended three colleges but graduated     from none (though years later he was awarded an honorary doctorate in letters from SUNY), and served in the U.S. Air Force for two and a half years.


A prolific writer, during the course of his career he published more than one hundred novels and non-fiction books, many under pseudonyms, as well as many short stories. Besides mysteries and thrillers, he wrote westerns, science fiction, historicals, political novels, erotica, and screenplays. He is one of only three writers to win Edgar awards in three different categories: Best Novel for God Save the Mark in 1968; Best Short Story for "Too Many Crooks" in 1990; and Best Motion Picture Screenplay for "The Grifters" in 1991. In 1993 he was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America.


Although probably best known for his comic crime fiction, Westlake also turned out some superb hardboiled novels, particularly those about the professional thief Parker written under the Richard Stark pseudonym. As Tucker Coe he published a series of private eye novels featuring Mitch Tobin.


The lists that follow include only the novels and short story collections from the mystery, crime and thriller genres. For more comprehensive biographical and bibliographical information, see the official Westlake website.


See also the obituary from The New York Times.




As Donald E. Westlake


The Mercenaries aka The Smashers, aka The Cutie (1960)

Killing Time aka The Operator (1961)

361 (1962)

Killy (1963)

Pity Him Afterwards (1964)

The Fugitive Pigeon (1965)

The Busy Body (1966)

The Spy in the Ointment (1966)

God Save the Mark (1967)

Philip (1967)

The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution (short stories) (1968)

Who Stole Sassi Manoon? (1968)

Somebody Owes Me Money (1969)

Up Your Banners (1969)

The Hot Rock (1970)

Adios Scheherezade (1970)

I Gave at the Office (1971)

Bank Shot (1972)

Cops and Robbers (1972)

Gangway (with Brian Garfield) (1973)

Help I Am Being Held Prisoner (1974)

Jimmy the Kid (1974)

Brothers Keepers (1975)

Two Much (1975)

Dancing Aztecs (1976)

Enough (short stories) (1977)

Nobody's Perfect (1977)

Castle in the Air (1980)

Kahawa (1981)

Why Me? (1983)

A Likely Story (1984)

Levine (1984)

High Adventure (1985)

Good Behavior (1985)

High Jinx (with Abby Westlake) (1987)

Transylvania Station (with Abby Westlake) (1987)

Trust Me on This (1988)

Tomorrow's Crimes (short stories) (1989)

Sacred Monster (1989)

Drowned Hopes (1990)

The Perfect Murder (with Lawrence Block, Sarah Caudwell, Tony Hillerman & Peter     Lovesey) (1991)

Horse Laugh and Other Stories (short stories) (1991)

Humans (1992)

Don't Ask (1993)

Baby, Would I Lie? (1994)

Smoke (1995)

What's the Worst That Could Happen? (1996)

The Ax (1997)

A Good Story and Other Stories (short stories) (1999)

The Hook (2000)

Bad News (2001)

Put a Lid on It (2002)

Money for Nothing (2003)

Thieves' Dozen (short stories) (2004)

The Road to Ruin (2004)

Watch Your Back! (2005)

What's So Funny? (2007)

Get Real (2009)

Memory (2010)

The Comedy is Finished (2012)



As Richard Stark


The Hunter aka Point Blank aka Payback (1962)

The Man With the Getaway Face aka Steel Hit (1963)

The Outfit (1963)

The Mourner (1963)

The Score aka Killtown (1964)

The Jugger (1965)

The Seventh aka The Split (1966)

The Handle aka Run Lethal (1966)

The Damsel (1967)

The Rare Coin Score (1967)

The Green Eagle Score (1967)

The Dame (1968)

The Black Ice Score (1969)

The Sour Lemon Score  (1969)

Deadly Edge (1969)

The Blackbird (1971)

Slayground (1971)

Lemons Never Lie (1971)

Plunder Squad (1972)

Butcher's Moon (1974)

Comeback (1997)

Backflash (1998)

Flashfire (2000)

Firebreak (2001)

Breakout (2001)

Nobody Runs Forever (2004)

Ask the Parrot (2006)

Dirty Money (2008)



As Tucker Coe


Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death (1966)

Murder Among Children (1967)

Wax Apple (1970)

A Jade in Aries (1970)

Don't Lie to Me (1972)



As Samuel Holt


One of Us Is Wrong (1986)

I Know a Trick Worth Two of That (1986)

What I Tell You Three Times is False (1987)

The Fourth Dimension is Death (1989)



As Timothy J. Culver


Ex Officio (1970)



As Judson Jack Carmichael


The Scared Stiff (2002)


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