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Albert, Marvin H

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Marvin Hubert Albert (1924-1996) was an American writer of mystery, crime and adventure novels. His pseudonyms include Mike Barone; Al(bert) Conroy; Ian MacAlister; Nick Quarry and Anthony Rome. He also wrote film novelizations (e.g., What's New, Pussy Cat?) and many other novels. Series characters are Jake Barrow, Tony Rome and Johnny Morini.




Pete Sawyer novels


The Dark Goddess (1978)

Back in the Real World (1986)

Stone Angel (1986)

Get Off at Babylon (1987)

Long Teeth (1987)

The Last Smile (1988)

The Midnight Sister (1989)

Bimbo Heaven (1990)

The Zig Zag Man (1991)

The Riviera Contract (1992)


Other Novels


Party Girl (1958)

Goodbye Charlie (1964)

The Pink Panther (1964)

The Gargoyle Conspiracy (1975)

The Medusa Complex (1982)

Operation Lila (1983)

The Golden Circle (1987)

The Untouchables (1987)


As Mike Barone


Crazy Joe (1974)


As Al Conroy


Death Grip! (1972)

Soldato! (1973)

Murder Mission! (ghostwritten by Gil Brewer) (1973)

Blood Run (1973)

Strangle Hold! (ghostwritten by Gil Brewer) (1973)


As Albert Conroy


The Road’s End (1952)

The Chiselers (1953)

Nice Guys Finish Dead (1957)

The Mob Says Murder (1958)

Murder in Room 13 (1958)

Devil in Dungarees (1960)

Mr Lucky (1960)

The Looters (1961)


As Ian MacAlister


Driscoll’s Diamonds (1973)

Skylark Mission (1973)

Strike Force 7 (1974)

Valley of the Assassins (1975)


As Nick Quarry


Jake Barrow’ Novels

The Hoods Come Calling (1958)

Trail of a Tramp (1958)

The Girl with No Place to Hide (1959)

No Chance in Hell (1960)

Till It Hurts (1960)

Some Die Hard (1961)


Other Novels


The Don Is Dead (1972)

The Vendetta (1973)


As Anthony Rome


Miami Mayhem aka Tony Rome (1960)

The Lady in Cement (1961)

My Kind of Game (1962)

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