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Anthologies A-Z

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Anthologies of detective fiction


Adrian, Jack (Ed.) - Detective Stories From The Strand Magazine (1991)

Ashley, Mike (Ed.) - The Mammoth Book of Locked-Room Mysteries and Impossible Crimes (2000)

Ashley, Mike (Ed.) - The Mammoth Book of Perfect Crimes and Impossible Mysteries (2007)

Asimov, Isaac, Charles Waugh, Martin H. Greenberg (Eds.) - Tantalizing Locked Room Mysteries (1982)

Asimov, Isaac, Martin H Greenberg, Joseph D Olander -- 100 Malicious Little Mysteries (1981)

Boucher, Anthony (Ed.) - Four and Twenty Bloodhounds

Bull, RC - Great Stories of Detection (1960)

Evening Standard Detective Book (1950)

Evening Standard Detective Book 2nd Series (1951)

Greenberg, Martin H and Pronzini, Bill -- Locked Room Puzzles Vol 3 (1986)

Greene, Douglas G -- Classic Mystery Stories (1999)

Greene, Douglas G -- Detection by Gaslight (1997)

Greene, Hugh (Ed.) - Further Rivals of Sherlock Holmes (1973)

Haining, Peter (Ed.) - London After Midnight (1996)

Haycraft, Howard and Beecroft, John (Eds) - A Treasury of Great Mysteries (1957)

Hoch, Edward D (Ed.) - All But Impossible! (1981)

Jabukowski, Maxim -- The Mammoth Book of Vintage Whodunnits (2006)

Knox, Ronald and H, Harrington (Eds.) Best Detective Stories First Series (1929)

My Best Mystery Story (1939)

Odhams Press Ltd (no editor named) -- Fifty Famous Detectives of Fiction (1948)

Rennison, Nick -- The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes (2008)

Queen, Ellery (Ed.) - Sporting Detective Stories (1946)

Queen, Ellery (Ed.) - The Queen's Awards Eighth Series

Queen, Ellery (Ed.) - Masterpieces of Mystery: The Supersleuths (1976)

Queen, Ellery (Ed.) - Masters of Mystery (1987)

Santesson, Hans S. (Ed.) - The Locked Room Reader (1968)

Sayers, Dorothy L (Ed.) - Tales of Detection (1936)

Van Thal, Herbert (Ed.) - The Mammoth Book of Great Detective Stories (1995)

World's Greatest Detective Stories (Home Entertainment Library 1935)

Van Dine, SS (WH Wright) - The Great Detective Stories (1927)

Wrong, EM (Ed.) - Crime and Detection (1926)


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