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Audemars, Pierre

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Pierre Audemars (1909-1989) was an English jeweller. He served in the Army from 1940 to 1946 and was married to Joan Wood. He also wrote under the name Peter Hodemart. His novels were set in France and featured Monsieur Pinaud and Hercule Renard.


Pinaud is characterised by sardonic humour, intrepid self-confidence, and much information - he declares, for instance, that a great detective "must know something about everything. Not everything about everything. And certainly not something about something. But something about everything." -- Mary Helen Becker




Hercule and the Gods (1944)

The Temptations of Hercule (1945)

Fate and Fernand (1945)

When the Gods Laughed (1946)

The Obligations of Hercule (1947)

The Confessions of Hercule (1947)

The Thieves of Enchantment (1956)

The Two Imposters (1958)

The Fire and the Clay (1959)

The Turns of Time (1961)

The Crown of Night (1962)

The Dream and the Dead (1963)

The Wings of Darkness (1963) aka Street of Grass

Fair Maids Missing (1964)

Dead with Sorrow (1965) aka A Woven Web

Time of Temptation (1966)

A Thorn in the Dust (1967)

The Veins of Compassion (1967)

The White Leaves of Death (1968)

The Flame in the Mist (1969)

A Host for Dying (1970)

Stolen Like Magic Away (1971)

The Delicate Dust of Death (1973)

No Tears for the Dead (1974)

Nightmare in Rust (1975)

And One for the Dead (1975)

The Healing Hands of Death (1977)

Now Dead is Any Man (1978)

A Sad and Savage Dying (1978)

Slay Me Sinner (1979)

Gone to her Death (1981)

The Bitter Path of Death (1982)

The Red Rust of Death (1983)

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