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Authors E-H

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Authors E-H

East, Roger (1904-??)

Eberhart, Mignon G (1899-1996)

Eby, Lois

Edgley, Leslie (1912-2002)

Edington, AC and Carmen

Eichler, Alfred (1908-1995)

Elder, Evelyn see Kennedy, Milward

Ericson, Walter see Cunningham, EV

Ellin, Stanley (1916-1986)

Ellington, Richard (1914-1980)

Erskine, Margaret (1901-1984)

Essex, Richard (1878-1968)

Eustace, Robert (1854-1943)

Eustis, Helen (1916-)

Evans, John (1907-1999)

Everton, Francis (1883-1956)

Fair, AA see Gardner, Erle Stanley

Fairlie, Gerard (1899-1983)

Fairbairn, Roger see Carr, John Dickson

Farjeon, BL (1838-1903)

Farjeon, J Jefferson (1883-1955)

Farnol, Jeffery (1878-1952)

Farr, John see Webb, Jack

Farrer, Katharine (1911-1972)

Fast, Julius (1918-2008)

Fearing, Kenneth (1902-1961)

Fearn, John Russell (1908-1960)

Fenisong, Ruth (1904-1978)

Fenwick, Elizabeth (1920-??)

Ferguson, John (1873-??)

Ferrars, Elizabeth X (1907-1995)

Field, Moira (1917- )

Field, Temple see Whitfield, Raoul

Fielding, A (??-??)

Finnegan, Robert (1906-1947)

Fischer, Bruno (1908-1992)

Fisher, Steve (1912-1980)

Fitt, Mary (1879-1959)

Fitzgerald, Nigel (1906-??}

Fleming, Joan (1908-1980)

Fletcher, JS (1863-1935)

Fleming, John C see Eby, Lois

Fleming, Oliver see MacDonald, Philip

Flora, Fletcher (1914-1968)

Flower, Pat (1914-1978)

Flynn, Brian (1885-1958)

Foley, Rae see Allan, Dennis

Footner, Hulbert (1879-1944)

Ford, Leslie (1898-1983)

Forester, CS (1899-1966)

Forrest, Norman see Morland, Nigel

Forsythe, Robin

Fortune, Mary (1833-1909?)

Fowler, Sydney (1874-1965)

Fox, Douglas see Ostrander, Isabel

Fox, James M (1908-1989)

Fox, Sebastian see Bullett, Gerald

Francis, Basil (1906- ??)

Francis, William (1913?-1979?)

Frankau, Gilbert (1884-1952)

Franklin, Charles (??-??)

Frederic, Mike see Cox, William R

Freeman, Kathleen see Fitt, Mary

Freeman, R Austin (1862-1943)

Freyer, Frederic see Ballinger, Bill S

Friend, Ed see Wormser, Richard

Froest, Frank (1858-1930)

Frome, David see Ford, Leslie

Frost, C(laude) Vernon see Child, Charles B

Fuller, Roy (1912-1991)

Fuller, Timothy (1914-1971)

Futrelle, Jacques (1875-1912)

Gaboriau, Emile (1832-1873)

Gair, Malcolm (1917-1980)

Gaite, Francis see Coles, Manning

Galwey, GV (1912-1996)

Gardiner, Dorothy (1894-1979)

Gardner, Erle Stanley (1889-1970)

Garnett, Roger see Morland, Nigel

Garth, Will see Kuttner, Henry

Garve, Andrew (1908-2001)

Gask, Arthur (1872-1951)

Gault, William Campbell (1910-1995)

Gavine, William (?1860-??)

Gayle, Newton (1895-1965/??-??)

George, Peter

Gibson, Walter B (1897-1985)

Gielgud, Val (1900-1981)

Gilbert, Anthony (1899-1973)

Gilbert, Michael (1912-2006)

Giles, Guy Elwyn (??-??)

Gill, Patrick see Creasey, John

Gillette, William (1853-1937)

Gillmore, Rufus (1879-1935)

Glauser, Friedrich (1896-1938)

Glover, Robert (??-??)

Godwin, William (1756-1836)

Goldman, Lawrence (??-??)

Goldman, RL (1895-1950?)

Goldsmith, Gene (??-??)

Goodchild, George (1885 - 1969)

Gordon, Neil see Macdonnell, AG

Gore-Browne, Robert (1893-??)

Gorell, Lord (1884-1963)

Gould, Stephen see Fisher, Steve

Goyne, Richard (1902-1957)

Graeme, Bruce (1900-1982)

Graeme, Roderic see Jeffries, Roderic

Grafton, CW (1909 - 1982)

Graham, Neill see Duncan, W Murdoch

Graham, Winston (1908-2003)

Grandower, Elissa see Waugh, Hillary

Grange, John see Bellem, Robert Leslie, Ballard, WT

Grant, Douglas see Ostrander, Isabel

Gray, Berkeley (1889-1965)

Gray, Dulcie (1920-)

Gray, Jonathan see Adams, Herbert

Green, Anna Katharine (1846-1935)

Green, Charles M see Gardner, Erle Stanley

Gregg, Cecil Freeman (1898-1960)

Grew, William see O'Farrell, William

Grex, Leo see Gribble, Leonard

Grey, Louis see Gribble, Leonard

Gribble, Leonard (1908-1985)

Grierson, Edward (1914-1975)

Grierson, Francis D (1888-1972)

Griffin, Aceituna (1876-1949)

Griffiths, Arthur (1838-1908)

Gruber, Frank (1904-1969)

Gunn, Victor see Gray, Berkeley

Halkett, H Robinson see Punshon, ER

Hall, Adam see Rattray, Simon

Halliday, Brett (1904-1977)

Halliday, Michael see Creasey, John

Halsey, Harlan Page (1837-1898)

Hamilton, Bruce (1900-1974)

Hamilton, Elaine (??-??)

Hammett, Dashiell (1894-1961)

Hannay, James Frederick Wynne (1906-c.1985)

Hannay, James Owen see Birmingham, George A

Hannon, Ezra see McBain, Ed

Hanshew, Thomas W (1857-1914) and Mary E

Hare, Cyril (1900-1958)

Harrington, Joseph (1903-??)

Harrison, Michael see Downes, Quentin

Hart, Frances Noyes (1890-1943)

Hastings, Brook see Edgley, Leslie

Hastings, Graham see Jeffries, Roderic

Hastings, Macdonald (1909-1982)

Hawkins, Dean (1892-1955)

Hawton, Hector (1901-1975)

Hay, James Jr (1881-1936)

Hayward, Richard see Kendrick, Baynard H

Head, Matthew (1907-1985)

Heard, HF (Gerald) (1889-1971)

Heberden, MV (1906-1965)

Heller, Frank (1886-1947)

Henderson, Donald (1905-1947)

Hervey, Evelyn see Keating, HRF

Hext, Harrington see Phillpotts, Eden

Heyer, Georgette (1902-1974)

Hilton, James (1900-1954)

Hill, Katharine

Himes, Chester (1909-1984)

Hitchens, Dolores (1907-1973)

Hobart, Robertson see Corrigan, Mark

Hoch, Edward D (1930-2008)

Hocking, Anne (1890-1966)

Hogg, James (1770-1835)

Holbrook, Marion

Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay (1889-1955)

Holland, Marty

Holman, C Hugh (1914-1981)

Holmes, Gordon see Shiel, MP and Tracy, Louis

Holmes, HH see Boucher, Anthony

Holt, Gavin (1891-1976)

Holt, Henry (1881-1962)

Holt, Samuel see Westlake, Donald E

Holton, Leonard (1915-1983)

Home, Michael see Bush, Christopher

Homes, Geoffrey (1902-1977)

Hope, Brian see Creasey, John

Hopkins, Kenneth (1914-1988)

Hopkins, Stanley

Hopley, George see Woolrich, Cornell

Hosken, Clifford see Keverne, Richard

Hoster, Grace (1893-??)

Hough, SB (1917-??)

Howard, Hartley see Carmichael, Harry

Howes, Royce (1901-1973)

Howie, Edith

Huggins, Roy (1914-2002)

Hughes, Colin see Creasey, John

Hughes, Dorothy B (1904-1993)

Hull, Richard (1896-1973)

Hultman, Helen Joan (??-??)

Hume, David (1900-1945)

Hume, Fergus (1859-1932)

Hunt, E Howard (1918-2007)

Hunt, Kyle see Creasey, John

Hunter, Alan (1922-2005)

Hunter, Evan see McBain, Ed

Hunter, John (1891-1961)

Hutchinson, Horace G (1859-1932)

Huxley, Elspeth (1907-1997)

Hyland, Stanley (1914-1997)

Hyne, CJ Cutcliffe (1865-1944)


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