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Authors M-P

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Authors M-P

MacAlister, Ian see Albert, Marvin H

MacClure, Victor (1887-1963)

MacDonald, John D (1916-1986)

MacDonald, Philip (1899-1980)

Macdonald, Ross (1915-1983)

Macdonell, AG (1895-1941)

Mace, Merlda

MacHarg, William (1872-1951)

Machen, Arthur (1863-1947)

MacKinnon, Allan

MacNeil, Neil see Ballard, WT

Maddock, Stephen (1897-1952)

Magnay, William (1855-??)

Mahannah, Floyd (1911-1976)

Mainwaring, Marion (1922- )

Mann, Abel see Creasey, John

Malet, Léo (1909-1996)

Malloch, Peter see Duncan, W Murdoch

Manners, David X (1912-2007)

Manners, William (1908-1994)

Mannon, MM

Manton, Peter see Creasey, John

Marble, MS

March, Maxwell see Allingham, Margery

Markham, Virgil (1899-1973)

Marlett, Melba (1909-1994)

Marlowe, Stephen (1928-2008)

Marric, JJ see Creasey, John

Marsh, Ngaio (1899-1982)

Marshall, Archibald (1866-1934)

Marshall, Lovat see Duncan, W Murdoch

Marshall, Raymond see Chase, James Hadley

Marsten, Richard see McBain, Ed

Martin, AE (1895-??)

Martin, Richard see Creasey, John

Martin, Robert L. (1910-1976)

Martin, Wyndham

Marvell, Holt see Gielgud, Val

Mason, Sara Elizabeth (1911-1993)

Mason, AEW (1865-1948)

Mason, Van Wyck (1901-1978)

Masterman, JC (1891-1977)

Masterson, Whit see Miller, Wade

Masur, Harold Q (1912-2005)

Matschat, Cecile Hulse (1895-1976)

Mattheson, Rodney see Creasey, John

Maugham, Somerset (1874-1965)

Mavity, Nancy Barr (1890-1959)

McBain, Ed (1926-2005)

McCabe, Cameron (1915-1995)

McCall, Anthony see Kane, Henry

McCall, Vincent see Morland, Nigel

McCloy, Helen (1904-1993)

McCoy, Horace (1897-1959)

McCready, Jack see Powell, Talmadge

McCulley, Johnston (1883-1958)

McCully, Walbridge (1896-1980)

McDougald, Roman (1907-1960)

McGerr, Pat(ricia) (1917-1985)

McGivern, William P (1922-1982)

McGuire, Paul (1903-1978)

McIntyre, John T (1871-1951)

McMullen, Mary (1920-1986)

McKay, Kenneth R see Kane, Henry

McNeile, HC see Sapper

Meade, LT (1854-1914)

Meredith, Anne see Gilbert, Anthony

Meroy, Martin

Merwin, Sam Jr (1910-1996)

Merrill, PJ see Roth, Holly

Meynell, Laurence (1899-1989)

Meyrick, Gordon

Michel, M Scott (1916-??)

Millar, Kenneth see Macdonald, Ross

Millar, Margaret (1915-1994)

Miller, Wade (1920-1961)/(1920-)

Mills, Osmington (1922-2003)

Milne, AA (1882-1956)

Mitchell, Gladys (1901-1983)

Moffett, Cleveland (1863-1926)

Mole, William (1917-1961)

Monig, Christopher see Crossen, Kendell Foster

Moore, HFS

Moran, Mike see Ard, William

Morland, Nigel (1905-1986)

Morris, Shayne

Morrison, Arthur (1863-1945)

Morton, Anthony see Creasey, John

Mowbray, John see Loder, Vernon

Moyes, Patricia (1923-2000)

Muddock, JE see Donovan, Dick

Muir, Dexter see Gribble, Leonard

Muir, Thomas (??-??)

Murray, Max (1901-56)

Nash, Anne (1908-1960)

Nash, Simon (1924- )

Nebel, Frederick (1903-1967)

Nelson, Hugh Lawrence (1907-1983)

Neville, Margot (1893-1966/1903-1975)

Newman, Bernard (1897-1968)

Nichols, Beverley (1898-1983)

Nielsen, Helen (1918-2002)

Nolan, Jeannette Covert (1897-1974)

Norman, James (1912-1983)

North, Gil (1916-??)

Odlum, Jerome (1905-1954)

Oellrichs, Inez (1907-1982)

O'Farrell, William (1904-1962)

Offord, Lenore Glen (1905-1991)

O'Hara, Kevin see Cumberland, Marten

O'Higgins, Harvey J (1876-1929)

'Old Sleuth' see Halsey, Harlan Page

Olsen, DB see Hitchens, Dolores

Oppenheim, E Phillips (1866-1946)

Orczy, Baroness Emmuska (1865-1947)

Ostrander, Isabel (1883-1924)

Ottolengui, Rodrigues (1861-1937)

Ozaki, Milton K (1913-1989)

Padgett, Louis see Kuttner, Henry

Packard, Frank (1877-1942)

Page, Marco (1909-1968)

Page, R Edison see Jepson, Edgar

Pain, Barry (1864-1928)

Palmer, John Leslie see Beeding, Francis

Palmer, Stuart (1905-1968)

Parkhill, John see Cox, William R

Parr, Robert see Gardner, Erle Stanley

Parrish, Randall (1858-1923)

Patrick, Q see Quentin, Patrick

Pastor, Tony see Halsey, Harlan Page

Paul, Elliot (1891-1958)

Pemberton, Max (1863-1950)

Penny, Rupert (1909-1970)

Pendower, Jacques see Jacobs, TCH

Pentecost, Hugh (1903-1989)

Perowne, Barry (1908-1985)

Peters, Bill see McGivern, William P

Petersen, Herman (1910-1988)

Philips, Judson see Pentecost, Hugh

Phillpotts, Eden (1862-1960)

Philmore, R

Pilgrim, David see Beeding, Francis

Pim, Sheila (1909-1995)

Pinkerton, Allan (1819-1884) and Frank

Piper, Evelyn (1908-1994)

Pirkis, CL (1839-1910)

Platt, Edward see Trent, Paul

Platts, A Monmouth see Berkeley, Anthony

Player, Robert (1905-1978)

Plummer, T Arthur(1883-1961)

Poate, Ernest M (1884-1935)

Poe, Edgar Allan (1809-1849)

Poole, Michael (1885-1959)

Popkin, Zelda (1898-1983)

Porcelain, Sydney E

Porlock, Martin see MacDonald, Philip

Post, Melville Davisson (1869-1930)

Postgate, Raymond (1896-1971)

Potts, Jean (1910-1999)

Powell, Richard (1908-1999)

Powell, Talmage (1920-2000)

Prather, Richard S (1921-2007)

Pratt, Theodore see Brace, Timothy

Preedy, George see Shearing, Joseph

Pringle, Romney see Freeman, R Austin

Procter, Maurice (1906-1973)

Propper, Milton M (1906-1962)

Proudfoot, Walter see Loder, Vernon

Pruitt, Alan (1904-1983)

Punnett, Margaret and Ivor see Simons, Roger

Punshon, ER (1872-1956)


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