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Authors U-Z

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Authors U-Z

Underwood, Michael (1916-1992)

Upfield, Arthur (1890-1964)

Vachell, Horace Annesley (1861-1955)

Vahey, John Haslette see Loder, Vernon

Valentine see [Cross. Mark]

Valentine, Douglas see Williams, Valentine

Valentine, Jo see Armstrong, Charlotte

Van Dine, SS (1888-1939)

Van Gulik, Robert (1910-1967)

Vanardy, Varrick see Dey, Frederic Van Rensselaer

Vance, Jack (1916-)

Vance, Louis Joseph (1879-1933)

Vandercook, John W (1902-1963)

Vane, Nigel see Verner, Gerald

Vedder, John K see Gruber, Frank

Venning, Michael see Rice, Craig

Verner, Gerald (1896-1980)

Verron, Robert

Vickers, Roy (1889-1965)

Vidal, Gore see Box, Edgar

Vidocq, Francois Eugene (1775-1957)

Vivian, Francis (1906-)

Vulliamy, CE (1886-1971)

Wade, Henry (1887-1969)

Wakefield, H Russell (1888-1964)

Walker, Harry see Waugh, Hillary

Wallace, Edgar (1875-1932)

Wallace, Robert see Daniels, Norman A

Walling, RAJ (1869-1949)

Wallis, JH (1885-1958)

Wallis, Ruth Sawtell (1895-1978)

Walsh, Thomas (1908-1984)

Ward, Jonas see Cox, William R

Ware, Edward Parrish (1884-1967?)

Warren, J Russell (1886-??)

Warren, James

Warriner, Thurman (1904-1974)

Watson, Colin (1920-1983)

Waugh, Hillary (1920-2008)

Waye, Cecil see Rhode, John

Wayne, Anderson see Halliday, Brett

Weaver, Ward see Mason, Van Wyck

Webb, Jack (1916-2008)

Webster, Henry Kitchell (1875-1932)

Webster, FAM (1886-??)

Webster, HM (??)

Wees, Frances Shelley (1902-1983)

Weir, Hugh Cosgro (1884-1934)

Wellman, Manly Wade (1903-1986)

Wells, Anna Mary (1923-??)

Wells, Carolyn (1870-1942)

Wentworth, Patricia (1878-1961)

Westlake, Donald E (1933-2008)

Weston, Garnett (1890-1980)

Westward, Elton see Fearn, John Russell

Weymouth, Anthony (1887-1953)

Whaley, FJ (1897-1977)

Wheeler, Hugh see Quentin, Patrick

Whelton, Paul

White, Ethel Lina (1876-1944)

White, Fred M (1859-??)

Whitechurch, Victor L (1868-1933)

Whitfield, Raoul (1898-1945)

Whitney, Phyllis A (1903-2008)

Whittington, Harry (1915-1990)

Wick, Stuart Mary see Fitt, Mary

Wiegand, William (1928-)

Wilde, Percival (1887-1953)

Wiley, Hugh (1884-1968)

Wilkinson, Ellen (1891-1947)

Williams, Charles (1909-1975)

Williams, Valentine (1883-1946)

Willock, Colin (1919-2005)

Wills, Cecil M (1891-1966)

Wills, Thomas see Ard, William

Wilmer, Dale see Miller, Wade

Wilson, PW (1895-1956)

Winchell, Prentice see Sterling, Stewart

Winslow, Horatio (1882-1972)

Witting, Clifford (1907-1968)

Woodthorpe, RC (1886-??)

Woolrich, Cornell (1903-1968)

Wolffe, Katherine (1892-??)

Wood, Clement (1888-1950)

Wood, H Freeman (??-??)

Wormser, Richard (1908-1977)

Worsley-Gough, Barbara (1903-??)

Worts, George F (1892-1967)

Wright, Sydney Fowler see Fowler, Sydney

Wright, Willard Huntington see Van Dine, SS

Wylie, Philip (1902-1973)

Wynne, Anthony (1882-1963]

Yaffe, James (1927-)

Yates, George Worthing (1901-1975)

Yates, Peter see Creed, Will

Yates, Margaret see Bramlette, Paula

Yates, Margaret Tayler

York, Jeremy see Creasey, John

Zangwill, Israel (1864-1926)

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