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Bonett, John and Emery

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Emery BonettJohn and Emery Bonett was the joint pseudonym of John Hubert Arthur Coulson (1906-??) and Felicity Winifred Carter Coulson (1906-1995). They also wrote separately under the pseudonyms John Bonett and Emery Bonett. John planned the books and Emery did most of the actual writing. They lived in Spain during their later years.


John and Emery Bonett met at a Spanish language class, Instead of learning Spanish they became engaged. Emery had been a repertory actress, a scene-painter, a showgirl at the Prince of Wales, the back legs of a horse, and finally a writer. She was working as an 'extra' in a film studio when she heard that her first novel, A Girl Must Live, had been accepted for publication. The next time she set foot in the same studio was to see the film version of the story being made.


John had been in various disreputable professions: banker, company secretary, Civil Servant, journalist, sales promition executive. Emery found he had imagination and plot-sense as well as grammar and a distorted sense of humour, not to mention a magnificent grasp of facts - which always eluded Emery. So she brought him into the writing business... Jointly and separately they have written for radio and television, short stories, song lyrics, and film scripts.


-- Penguin blurb to No Grave for a Lady




Old Mrs Camelot (1944) - credited to Emery Bonett alone

High Pavement (1944)

Dead Lion (1949)

A Banner for Pegasus (1951) aka Not in the Script

No Grave for a Lady (1960)

Better Dead (1964) aka Better Off Dead

The Private Face of Murder (1966)

This Side Murder (1967) aka Murder on the Costa Brava

The Sound of Murder (1970)

No Time to Kill (1972)


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