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Cumberland, Marten

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Marten Cumberland (1892-1972) was a British author and the creator of French Inspector Saturnin Dax. He also wrote hard-boiled mysteries under the name Kevin O'Hara, featuring a PI named Chico Brett. Cumberland served in the merchant navy during WW1 and married Kathleen Walsh in 1928. After the war he was an editor of and contributor to various newspapers and magazines. In later life he lived in Dublin.




Loaded Dice (with BV Shann) (1926)

The Perilous Way (1926)

Mate in Three Moves (1929)

The Diary of Death (1932)

The Sin of David (1932)

The Dark House (1935)

Devil's Snare (1935)

The Impostor (1935)

Murder at Midnight (with BV Shann) (1935)

Shadowed (1936)

Bird of Prey (1937)

Someone Must Die (1940)

Questionable Shape (1941)

Quislings Over Paris (1942)

The Knife Will Fall (1943)

The Testing of Tony (1943)

Everything He Touched (1945)

Not Expected to Live (1945)

Steps in the Dark (1945)

A Lovely Corpse (1946)

Darkness As a Bride (1947)

Hearsed in Death (aka A Dilemma for Dax) (1947)

And Worms Have Eaten Them (aka Hate Will Find a Way) (1948)

And Then Came Fear (1949)

The Crime School (1949)

On the Danger List (1950)

Policeman's Nightmare (1950)

Confetti Can Be Red (aka The House in the Forest) (1951)

The Man Who Covered Mirrors (1951)

Booked for Death (aka Grave Consequences) (1952)

Fade Out the Stars (1952)

One Foot in the Grave (1952)

The Charge Is Murder (1953)

Etched in Violence (1953)

Which of Us Is Safe? (aka Nobody Is Safe) (1953)

The Frightened Brides (1954)

Until Death Utterly (1954)

Lying at Death's Door (1956)

Far Better Dead! (1957)

Hate for Sale (1957)

Out of This World (1958)

Murmurs in the Rue Morgue (1959)

Remains to Be Seen (1960)

There Must Be Victims (1961)

Attention! Saturnin Dax (1962)

Postscript to a Death (1963)

Hate Finds a Way (1964)

The Dice Were Loaded (1965)

It's Your Funeral (1966)

No Sentiment in Murder (1966)



As 'Kevin O'Hara'

The Customer's Always Wrong (1951)

Exit and Curtain (1952)

Sing, Clubman, Sing! (1952)

Always Tell the Truth (1953)

It Leaves Them Cold (1954)

Keep Your Fingers Crossed (1955)

The Pace That Kills (1955)

Women Like to Know (1957)

Danger: Women at Work! (1958)

Well, I'll Be Hanged! (1958)

And Here Is the Noose! (1959)

Taking Life Easy (1961)

If Anything Should Happen (1962)

Don't Tell the Police (1963)

Don't Neglect the Body (1964)

It's Your Funeral (1966)

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