Daniels, Norman A

Norman A Daniels (1905-1995) was a prolific American writer of pulp fiction under many different names. He was born Norman Arthur Danberg in New York City and also wrote as John L Benton, William Dale, Peter Grady, Frank Johnson, G Wayman Jones, Harrison Judd, CMK Scanlon and Robert Wallace. He was educated at Columbia and Northwestern Universities and married Dorothy Smith in 1937. In addition to novels he wrote numerous short stories. His series characters were Bruce Baron, Kelly Carvel and John Keith. He died in Ventura, California.




The Mausoleum Key (1942)

Mistress on A Deathbed (1952)

The Captive (1959)

The Deadly Game (1959)

Lady For Sale (1960)

Lover, Let Me Live (1960)

Some Die Running (1960)

Spy Hunt (1960)

Suddenly by Shotgun (1961)

The Detectives (1962)

Something Burning (1963)

Arrest and Trial (1963)

The Hunt Club (1964)

The Missing Witness (1964)

Overkill (1964)

The Secret War (1964)

Spy Ghost (1965)

A Killing in the Market (1967)


As William Dale

John Doe – Murderer (1942)


As Harrison Judd

Shadow of A Doubt (1961)


As Robert Wallace

Murder Under the Big Top (1965)