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Dewey, Thomas B

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Dewey -- Mourning After coverThomas B Dewey (1915-1981) was an American author of hardboiled fiction who also wrote under the pseudonyms Gord Wainer and Tom Brandt. His series characters were Singer Batts, Shakeperean scholar, hotel owner and armchair detective who is aided by his hotel manager Joe Spinder; 'Mac', a compassionate PI; and Pete Schoefield, a PI who solved cases with the aid of his wife Jeannie. Dewey was born in Elkhart, Indiana and educated at Kansas State Teachers' College and the University of Iowa. He married Maxine Morley Sorensen in 1951 and Doris L Smith in 1972. From 1971 to 1977 Dewey was a professor at Arizona State University.





Singer Batts & Joe Spinder


Hue and Cry (1944) published in UK as The Murder of Marion Mason (1951)

As Good As Dead (1946)

Mourning After (1950)

Handle with Fear (1951)


Mac series:


Draw the Curtain Close (1947)

Every Bet's a Sure Thing (1953)

Prey for Me (1954) published in the UK as The Case of the Murdered Model (1959)

The Mean Streets (1954)

The Brave, Bad Girls (1956)

You've Got Him Cold (1958)

The Case of the Chased and the Chaste (1959)

How Hard to Kill (1962)

A Sad Song Singing (1963)

Don't Cry for Long (1964)

Portrait of a Dead Heiress (1965)

Deadline (1966)

Death and Taxes (1967)

The King Killers (1968) published in UK as Death Turns Right (1969)

The Love-Death Thing (1969)

The Taurus Trip (1970)


Pete Schoefield series:


And When She Stops (1957) published in UK as I.O.U. Murder (1958)

Go To Sleep, Jeannie (1959)

Too Hot For Hawaii (1960)

The Golden Hooligan (1961) published in UK as Mexican Slayride (1961)

Go, Honeylou (1962)

The Girl With The Sweet Plump Knees (1963)

The Girl in the Punchbowl (1964)

Only on Tuesdays (1964)

Nude in Nevada (1965)




My Love Is Violent (1956)

Hunter at Large (1961)

Can a Mermaid Kill? (1965)

A Season of Violence (1966)


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