Dilnot, George

Cover of The Thriller from June 10th, 1939 with the title story by George Dilnot From Flickr


George Dilnot (1883-1951) was a journalist who wrote books on true crime, for instance A Story of Scotland Yard (1927), both informative and celebratory. He was General Editor of the Famous Trials series published by Geoffrey Bles. His fictional output is divided between stories for Amalgamated Press (The Thriller and Sexton Blake) and full-length novels usually published by Geoffrey Bles. His serial characters include Jim Strang, Inspector Strickland and Horace Augustus Elver. Dilnot's first two novels, The Crime Club (1915) and The Rogues' Syndicate (1916), were co-written with his collegue from the Yard Froest, Frank.


The full text of Suspected can be found here.



The Bibliography does not contain stories for The Thriller and Sexton Blake


The Crime Club (1915) co-written with Froest, Frank

The Rogues’ Syndicate (1916) co-written with Froest, Frank

The Secret Service Man (1916)

Suspected (1920) aka The Hat-Pin Murder

The Lazy Detective (1926)

The Crooks’ Game (1927)

The Black Ace (1929)

The Thousandth Case (1932)

The Real Detective (1933)

Sister Satan (1933)

Crook’s Castle (1934)

Rogues’ March (1934)

The Inside Track (1935)

Murder Masquerade (1935)

The Great Mail Racket (1936)

Murder at Scotland Yard (1937)

Fighting Fool (1939)

Tiger Lily (1939)

Counter-Spy (1942)