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Disney, Doris Miles

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 10 months ago

Doris Miles Disney was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut and married George J Disney in 1936. Their only daughter was born in 1943. She is known for relatively 'cosy' stories featuring police officers and other kinds of investigators.




A Compound for Death (1943)

Murder on a Tangent (1945)

Dark Road (1946) {Also published as: Dead Stop}

[Who Rides a Tiger? {UK Title: Sow the Wind}] (1946)

Appointment at Nine (1947)

Enduring Old Charms (1947) {Also published as: Death for My Beloved}

Family Skeleton (1947)

Testimony by Silence (1948)

That Which Is Crooked (1948)

Count the Ways (1949)

Fire at Will (1950)

Straw Man (1951) {UK Title: The Case of the Straw Man}

Look Back on Murder (1951)

Heavy, Heavy Hangs (1952)

Do Unto Others (1953)

Prescription: Murder (1953)

The Last Straw (1954) {UK Title: Driven to Kill}

Trick or Treat (1955) {UK Title: The Halloween Murder}

Room for Murder (1955)

Unappointed Rounds { (1956) UK Title: The Post Office Case}

Method in Madness { (1957) UK Title: Quiet Violence} {Also published as: Too Innocent to Kill}

My Neighbor's Wife (1957)

Black Mail (1958)

[Did She Fall or Was She Pushed?] (1959)

No Next of Kin (1959)

Dark Lady (1960) {UK Title: Sinister Lady}

Mrs Meeker's Money (1961)

Find the Woman (1962)

Should Auld Acquaintance (1962)

Here Lies (1963)

The Hospitality of the House (1964) {UK Title: Unsuspected Evil}

The Departure of Mr Gaudette (1964) {UK Title: Fateful Departure}

Shadow of a Man (1965)

The Magic Grandfather (1966) {UK Title: Mask of Evil}

At Some Forgotten Door (1966)

Night of Clear Choice (1967) {UK Title: Flame of Evil}

Money for the Taking (1968)

Voice from the Grave (1968)

Two Little Children and How They Grew (1969) {UK Title: Fatal Choice}

Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate (1970) {UK Title: Death by Computer}

The Chandler Policy (1971)

Three's a Crowd (1971)

The Day Miss Bessie Lewis Disappeared (1972)

Only Couples Need Apply (1973)

Don't Go Into the Woods Today (1974)

Cry for Help (1975)

Winifred (1976)

Comments (1)

Julia Brandner said

at 7:59 am on Mar 9, 2013

My favorite mystery writer, and the favorite of several others I have run into. Her books often have an unusually high emotional content, and are frequently unusual in concept. Her Who Rides a Tiger/Sow the Wind is most certainly a masterpiece; it reads like more of a heartbreaking romance novel, but packs a punch at the end - especially if you read it in hardback without looking at information on the dust jacket first. The paperbacks all give away too much on the covers or preview pages. Method in Madness(Quiet Violence) is certainly a masterpiece as well, as are Mrs. Meeker's Money, Dark Road, Night of Clear Choice/Flame of Evil, The Departure of Mr. Gaudette (Fateful Departure), and about half a dozen others. No Next of Kin has the most heartbreaking first chapter I have ever read, and is one of her best as well. DMD, in my opinion, is in a class by herself! Julia Brandner, March 8, 2013

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