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Erskine, Margaret

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Margaret Erskine (1901-1984) was the pseudonym of Margaret Wetherby Williams, who was born in Ontario, Canada and grew up in Devon. Her series character was Inspector Septimus Finch.


Margaret Erskine writes conventional crime fiction. She is perhaps a paradigm of the female English mystery writer. Not really in the first rank, she is nevertheless better than many, and hers is a dependable product. Horrible things happen but they are packaged for polite society. -- Mary Helen Becker




And Being Dead {aka The Limping Man} {aka The Painted Mask} (1938)

The Whispering House {aka The Voice of the House} (1947)

I Knew MacBean {aka Caravan of Night} (1948)

Give Up the Ghost (1949)

The Disappearing Bridegroom aka The Silver Ladies (1950)

Death of Our Dear One aka Look Behind You, Lady aka Don’t Look Behind You (1952)

Dead by Now (1953)

Fatal Relations aka Old Mrs Ommanney Is Dead aka The Dead Don’t Speak (1955)

The Voice of Murder (1956)

Sleep No More (1958)

The House of the Enchantress aka A Graveyard Plot (1959)

The Woman at Belguardo (1961)

The House in Belmont Square aka No 9 Belmont Square (1963)

Take a Dark Journey aka The Family at Tammerton (1965)

Case with Three Husbands (1967)

The Ewe Lamb (1968)

The Case of Mary Fielding (1970)

The Brood of Folly (1971)

Besides the Wench Is Dead (1973)

Harriet Farewell (1975)

The House in Hook Street (1978)


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