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Eustace, Robert

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Robert Eustace was the pseudonym of Eustace Robert Barton (1854-1943), an English doctor, who also wrote as Eustace Robert Rawlings. Barton often wrote in collaboration, particularly with LT Meade, and more commentary about him can be found on the Meade page.


The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings is available electronically through Gaslight.




A Master of Mysteries (1898) with LT Meade

The Gold Star Line (1899) with LT Meade

The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings (1899) with LT Meade

The Sanctuary Club (1900) with LT Meade

The Lost Square (1902) with LT Meade

The Stolen Pearl: A Romance of London (1903) with Gertrude Warden

The Sorceress of the Strand (1903) with LT Meade

A Human Bacillus: The story of a strange character (1907)

The Documents in the Case (1930) with Dorothy L Sayers

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