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Flora, Fletcher

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Fletcher Flora (1914-1968) was born in Kansas and educated at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. He did Army service in the Far East during WW2 and became a Sergeant. He married Betty Ogden in 1940 and in 1945 was appointed Education Adviser to the Department of the Army, a position he held till 1963. He wrote or co-wrote sixteen novels under his own name plus three as 'Ellery Queen'. He penned many short stories for a variety of mystery magazines.




Strange Sisters (1954)

Desperate Asylum (1955) Aka Whisper of Love

The Hot Shot (1956)

The Brass Bed (1956)

Let Me Kill You, Sweetheart (1958)

Leave Her To Hell (1958)

Whispers of the Flesh (1958)

Park Avenue Tramp (1959)

Take Me Home (1959)

Wake Up With a Stranger (1959)

Killing Cousins (1961)

Most Likely To Love (1960)

The Seducer (1961)

The Irrepressible Peccadillo (1962)

Skuldoggery (1967)

Hildegarde Withers Makes the Scene (1969) with Stuart Palmer


As 'Ellery Queen'

The Golden Goose (1964) aka Who Killed the Golden Goose?

Blow Hot, Blow Cold (1964)

The Devil's Cook (1966)

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