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Discussion of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction


Review sites


Game of murder -- http://gameofmurder.blogspot.com.au

At the Scene of the Crime -- http://at-scene-of-crime.blogspot.ca

The Corpse Steps Out -- http://thecorpsestepsout.blogspot.com.au

Classic Mysteries -- http://www.classicmysteries.net


General articles on the Golden Age 


How to Write a Detective Story by Edwin Baird 

Introduction to Crime and Detection by EM Wrong 

Introduction to a course on GAD by Jon Jermey 

More Commandments for Detective Fiction from the GAD group

Mystery Related Essays by various authors

Notes on the Detective Story by Raymond Chandler

Talking about Detective Fiction by PD James - Review by Curt Evans

Ronald Knox's Ten Commandments for Detective Fiction 

The Art of the Detective Story by R Austin Freeman 

The Female Sherlock: Lady Detectives in Victorian and Edwardian Fiction by Chris Willis 

The Great Detective Stories by WH Wright ('SS Van Dine') 

The Simple Art of Murder by Raymond Chandler

The Sleuth Complex by Ronald Knox 

Twenty Rules for Writing Detective Stories by WH Wright ('SS Van Dine') 

What is the Golden Age of Detection? by Wyatt James




Country-house mysteries -- an incomplete list 

Early Australian crime fiction by Lucy Sussex

Films based on GAD stories

How to write a 'scientific' mystery by Hugo Gernsback

Locked-room mysteries and 'impossible' crimes  

Shorter Works by GAD Authors

The Detective in Film reviewed by William K. Everson (1972)




100 Best Crime & Mystery Books 1845-1986 by HRF Keating

A Checklist of Harper's Sealed Mystery Series on Mysteryfile.com

Art Bourgeau's Favorites - the mystery fiction critic's list of classic stories

Blurbs for detective stories, organised by writer

Collins Crime Club UK first editions 1930-1960

Group favourites - the group's favourite stories, from a vote in 2003

Haycraft-Queen cornerstones - the canonical list of important GAD works to 1952

Nick Fuller's Best Books - a list from a long-time member

Recommendations by Nick Fuller

The Crime Fighters by W.O.G. Lofts and Derek Adley: Great Fictional Detectives from A to F (sadly incomplete)  

The Sunday Times 100 Best Crime Stories - selected by Julian Symons in 1957


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