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Gilbert, Michael

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Michael GilbertMichael Francis Gilbert (1912-2006) was a British writer of both fictional mysteries and thrillers. He was a lawyer in London for many years and at one point had Raymond Chandler as his client. He had a long and productive writing career, beginning with his first novel, Close Quarters, in 1946 and continuing through 1999 with Over and Out. He has written almost every sort of mystery and thriller, perhaps spreading himself too thin over too many fields to achieve the reputation that many critics feel he deserves. He has written police procedurals, spy novels and short stories, courtroom dramas, classical mysteries, adventure thrillers, crime novels, and almost every possible combination of these, all with the same competence and dry, detached wit.


For the mystery fan Gilbert's earliest books are the best; from about 1960 onwards Gilbert loses interest in puzzle plots and becomes mainly an accomplished thriller writer. Other books stem from his experience as a prisoner of war in Germany. His daughter Harriet Gilbert has also published novels. The Inspector Hazelrigg series, in their distinctive yellow covers, are much sought after by collectors.


For more details see Michael Gilbert's Criminal Career: an overview by Martin Edwards.


A set of brief reviews can be found at www.mysterylist.com/gilbert.htm.




Close Quarters (1947)

They Never Looked Inside (1948) aka He Didn't Mind Danger

The Doors Open (1949)

Smallbone Deceased (1950)

Death Has Deep Roots (1951)

The Danger Within (1952) aka Death in Captivity

Fear to Tread (1953)

Sky High (1955) aka The Country-House Burglar

Be Shot for Sixpence (1956)

Blood and Judgement (1959)

After the Fine Weather (1963)

The Crack in the Teacup (1966)

The Dust and the Heat (1967) aka Overdrive

Game Without Rules (1968)

The Etruscan Net (1969) aka The Family Tomb

Stay of Execution (1971)

The Body of a Girl (1972)

The 92nd Tiger (1973)

Amateur in Violence (1973)

Flashpoint (1974)

The Night of the Twelfth (1976)

Petrella at Q (1977)

The Empty House (1978)

Death of a Favourite Girl (1980) aka The Killing of Katie Steelstock

The Final Throw (1982) aka End-Game

Mr Calder and Mr Behrens (1982)

Office Party (1983)

The Black Seraphim (1983)

Inner Landscape (1984)

The Long Journey Home (1985)

Trouble (1987)

Young Petrella (1988)

Paint, Gold and Blood (1989)

Anything for a Quiet Life: And Other New Mystery Stories (1990)

The Queen Against Karl Mullen (1991)

Roller-Coaster (1993)

Ring of Terror (1995)

Into Battle (1997)

The Man Who Hated Banks: And Other Mysteries (1997)

Over and Out (1998)

The Mathematics of Murder: A Fearne and Bracknell Collection (2000)

The Curious Conspiracy: And Other Crimes (2002)

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