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Gillmore, Rufus

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Gillmore, Rufus (1879-1935) was an American mystery writer. The author of four mysteries, Gillmore's books often reflect those of better-known writers. The Alster Case (1914) is virtually a parody of Anna Katherine Green's famous The Leavenworth Case (1878), mixing comedy and chills. The Ebony Bed Murder (1932) echoes the then-popular works of S.S. Van Dine.


Gillmore has always been an obscure mystery writer. There is no evidence that such famous mystery historians as S.S. Van Dine, Howard Haycraft or Anthony Boucher had ever heard of him, or read his books.


Gillmore was the first husband of writer Inez Haynes Gillmore Irwin. Information about her can be found at http://feministsf.org/authors/ihgi.html


The Alster Case was made into a now forgotten silent film in 1915.



The Mystery of the Second Shot (1912)

The Opal Pin (1914)

The Alster Case (1914)

The Ebony Bed Murder (1932)

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