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Gregg, Cecil Freeman

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Cecil Freeman Gregg (1898-1960) was a chartered secretary and accountant. He was born in London. He had two main series characters, Inspector Cuthbert Higgins and Harry Prince. Harry Prince debuted in "A Tale Without Moral," in The Ten Black Pearls in 1935. He was a somber anti-hero, a thief without apology who was driven to a life of crime due to the death of his wife Ethel. Cuthbert Higgins is a heavily-built Scotland Yard detective with a flair for breaking the rules. Despite his handiness in a fight, Higgins is a deep thinker and excels at unravelling complicated mysteries.


It is not known if Gregg was related to Freeman Wills Croft or R Austin Freeman.




The Murdered Manservant (1928)

The Three Daggers (1929)

The Murder on the Bus (1930)

The Brazen Confession (1930)

The Double Solution (1931)

The Rutland Mystery (1931)

The Body Behind the Bar (1932)

Inspector Higgins Hurries (1932)

The Duke's Last Trick (1933)

The Execution of Diamond Deutsch (1934)

Inspector Higgins Sees it Through (1934)

The Ten Black Pearls (1935)

Danger at Cliff House (1935)

Henry Prince in Action (1936)

Tragedy at Wembley (1936)

The Wrong House (1937)

Expert Evidence Rex v Marfelt (1938)

Mystery at Moor Street (1938)

Danger in the Dark (1939)

Who Dialled 999? (1939)

The Fatal Error (1940)

Justice (1941)

The Vandor Mystery (1942)

The Return of Henry Prince (1943)

Two Died at Three (1943)

Mellander's Millions (1944)

The Old Manor (1945)

Exit Harlequin (1946)

Murder at Midnight (1947)

The Man with a Monocle (1948)

The Ugly Customer (1949)

From Information Received (1950)

Inspector Higgins Goes Fishing (1951)

Accidental Murder (1952)

Sufficient Rope (1953)

Night Flight to Zurich (1954)

The Chief Constable (1955)

Airtight Alibi (1956)

Dead on Time (1956)

Finlay of the Sentinel (1957)

The Obvious Solution (1958)

Professional Jealousy (1960)


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