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Grierson, Francis D

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Francis D Grierson (1888-1972) was a writer and reviewer. His books were published in both Britain and the US. His series characters were Detective Superintendent Andrew Ash, Detective Chief Inspector George Muir, and the team of Inspector Sims and Professor Wells.




Andrew Ash Novels

Out of the Ashes (1946)

He Had It Coming to Him (also featuring George Muir) (1948)

No Wreaths for the Duchess (also featuring George Muir) (1948)

The Buddha of Fleet Street (also featuring George Muir) (1949)

The Strange Case of Edgar Heriot (also featuring George Muir) (1950)

Madame Shadow (also featuring George Muir) (1952)

Traitor’s Cross (also featuring George Muir) (1952)

Blackmail in Red (1954)

Judas CID (1954)

The Blind Frog (1955)

The Sign of the Nine (1956)

Green Evil (1958)

The Red Cobra (1960)


George Muir Novels

The Cabaret Crime (1938)

A Covenant with Death (1938)

The Mystery of the Two Faced Man (1939)

The Ink Street Murder (1940)

The Mad Hatter Murder (1941)

Thrice Judas (1942)

The Crimson Cat (1944)

Entertaining Murder (1945)

Boomerang Murder(1951)


Inspector Sims and Professor Wells Novels

The Limping Man (1924)

The Double Thumb (short stories)] (1925)

The Lost Pearl (1925)

Secret Judges (1925)

The Zoo Murder (aka The Murder in the Garden) (1926)

The Smiling Death (1927)

The Blue Bucket Mystery (1929)

The White Camellia (1929)

The Yellow Rat (aka Murder at the Wedding) (1929)

The Mysterious Mademoiselle (1930)

Murder at Lancaster Gate (1934)

Death on Deposit (1935)

Murder in Black (1935)


Other Novels

The Green Diamond Mystery (1929)

The Lady of Despair (1930)

The Jackdaw Mystery (1931)

Mystery in Red (1931)

Murder in Mortimer Square (1932)

The Monkhurst Murder (1933)

The Mystery of the Golden Angel (1933)

The Empty House (1933)

The Heart in the Box (1936)

The Coward’s Club (1937)

The Man from Madagascar (1937)

The Acrefield Mystery (1938)


Short Stories

  • The Case of the Russian Dancer, (ss) Detective Tales Feb 1923
  • The Malabar Case [Det. Insp. Sims; Prof. Wells], (ss) The Detective Magazine Dec 8 1922
  • The Problem of the Dummy Soldier, (ss) Hutchinson’s Mystery Story Magazine Jun 1923
  • The Professor’s Problems, (ss) Detective Tales Apr/May 1923
  • The Smiling Death, (sl) Everybody’s Magazine 1927
  • Talking of Crime Books, (ar) The New Strand Dec 1961
  • Talking About Crime Books, (br) The New Strand 1963
  • Talking of Crime Books, (br) The New Strand 1962


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