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Lincoln, Natalie Sumner

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Natalie Sumner Lincoln (1881-1935) was an American writer. The majority of her books are set in Washington, DC and deal with the machinations of corrupt politicians. Some of her books are available from Project Gutenberg.




The Trevor Case (1912)

The Lost Despatch (1912)

The Man Inside (1914)

C.O.D. (1915)

The Official Chaperone (1915)

I Spy (1916)

The Nameless Man (1917)

The Three Strings (1918)

The Moving Finger (1918)

The Red Seal (1920)

The Unseen Ear (1921)

The Cat's Paw (1922)

The Meredith Mystery (1923)

The Thirteenth Letter (1924)

The Missing Initial (1925)

The Blue Car Mystery (1926)

The Dancing Silhouette (1927)

P.P.C. (1927)

The Secret of Mohawk Pond (1928)

The Fifth Latchkey (1929)

Marked "Cancelled" (1930)

13 Thirteenth Street (1932)


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