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Martin, AE

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Archibald Edward Martin (1895- 1955) was an Australian writer who began detective stories at the age of fifty after a career in live entertainment and cinema. Two of his books, Common People and Sinners Never Die, have been reissued and are available from Wakefield Press. At least two of his books feature carnival barker Pel Pelham.



From the cover blurb: A E Martin was born in South Australia, but his interest in meeting and knowing all kinds of people has carried him as far afield as Invercargill, the town nearest to the South Pole, and mixed him up in all sorts of unconventional jobs. He has managed prize fighters, freaks and great stars. He toured with a six-a-day vaudeville. He bought up documentary films in Europe and exhibited them in Australia. After the war he turned back to his first love: writing.





Sinners Never Die (1944)

The Misplaced Corpse  (1944 - Australia only)
 Common People (1945) (published in the US as The Outsiders)
Death in the Limelight (1946)
The Curious Crime (1952)
The Chinese Bed Murders (1953) (published in the US as The Bridal Bed Murders)
The Hive of Glass w/ his son Jim Martin (1962 - Australia only) Published posthumously, crime interest is marginal

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