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McBain, Ed

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Ed McBainSource: Wikipedia


Ed McBain was the best-known pseudonym of Salvatore Lombino (1926 - 2005), a prolific American author and screenwriter. He was born in New York City and educated at Hunter College New York. He served in the US Navy during and after WW2 and married Anita Melnick in 1949 and Mary Vann Finley in 1973. He wrote hundreds of books and many screenplays, both under his own name and under a number of pseudonyms such as Ed McBain, Richard Marsten, Hunt Collins, Curt Cannon and Ezra Hannon.


Under the name Evan Hunter, which he legally adopted in 1952, he wrote books such as The Blackboard JungleCome Winter, andLizzie. He wrote the original screenplay of The Birds for Alfred Hitchcock.


As Ed McBain he wrote the famous 87th Precinct crime novels as well as the Matthew Hope mysteries.


Hunter died of cancer of the larynx at age 78 in Weston, Connecticut.


His series characters were the policemen of the 87th Precinct, Matthew Hope, and Curt Cannon in the books published under that name.




Cop Hater (1956)

The Mugger (1956)

The Pusher (1956)

The Con Man (1957)

Killer's Choice (1957)

Killer's Payoff (1958)

The April Robin Murders (1958) begun by Craig Rice and completed by McBain after her death

Lady Killer (1958)

Killer's Wedge (1959)

'Til Death (1959)

King's Ransom (1959)

Give the Boys a Great Big Hand (1960)

The Heckler (1960)

See Them Die (1960)

Lady, Lady I Did It! (1961)

The Empty Hours (1962)

Like Love (1962)

Ten Plus One (1963)

Ax (1964)

He Who Hesitates (1964)

Doll (1965)

Eighty Million Eyes (1966)

Fuzz (1968)

Shotgun (1969)

Jigsaw (1970)

Hail, Hail the Gang's All Here (1971)

Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man (1972)

Sadie When She Died (1972)

Hail to the Chief (1973)

Bread (1974)

Blood Relatives (1975)

So Long as You Both Shall Live (1976)

Long Time No See (1977)

Goldilocks (1977)

Calypso (1979)

Ghosts (1980)

Heat (1981)

Rumpelstiltskin (1981)

Beauty & The Beast (1982)

Ice (1983)

Lightning (1984)

Jack & The Beanstalk (1984)

Eight Black Horses (1985)

Snow White & Red Rose (1985)

Cinderella (1986)

Poison (1987)

Tricks (1987)

Puss in Boots (1987)

McBain's Ladies {Short Stories} (1988)

The House that Jack Built (1988)

Lullaby (1989)

Vespers (1990)

Three Blind Mice (1990)

Widows (1991)

McBain's Ladies, Too {Short Stories} (1992)

Mary, Mary (1992)

Kiss (1992)

Mischief (1993)

And All Through the House (1994)

There was a little girl (1994)

Romance (1995)

Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear (1996)

Nocturne (1997)

The Last Best Hope (1998)

The Big Bad City (1999)

The Last Dance (2000)

Money, Money, Money (2001)

Fat Ollie's Book (2002)

The Frumious Bandersnatch (2003)

Hark! (2004)

Fiddlers (2005)


As Evan Hunter

The Big Fix (1952) aka So Nude, So Dead by Richard Marsten

Don't Crowd Me (1953) aka The Paradise Party

The Blackboard Jungle (1954)

A Matter of Conviction (1959) aka The Young Savages

A Horse's Head (1967)

Nobody Knew You Were There (1971)

Every Little Crook and Nanny (1972)

Come Winter (1973)



as Curt Cannon

Deadlier than the Mail (1953)

Good Deal (1953)

Dead Men Don't Scream (1958)

The Death of Me (1958)

Die Hard {novel} (1958)

I'm Cannon - For Hire (a.k.a. The Gutter and the Grave) (1958)

Now Die in It (1958)

I Like 'Em Tough {Short Stories} (1958)


As Richard Marsten

Danger: Dinosaurs! (1953)

Rocket To Luna (1953)

Runaway Black (1954)

Murder in the Navy (1955) republished in 1964 as Death of a Nurse by Ed McBain

Vanishing Ladies! (1957)

The Spiked Heel (1957)

Even The Wicked (1958)

Big Man (1959)


As Hunt Collins

Cut Me In (1954)

Tomorrow's World (1956)

Tomorrow And Tomorrow (1957)

Sucker (1958)


As Ezra Hannon

Doors (1975)


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