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McGerr, Pat

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Patricia McGerr (1917-1985) was an American writer. She was born in Falls City Nebraska and educated at Trinity College Washington DC, the University of Nebraska and Columbia University New York, taking a Masters in Journalism. She was a public relations officer and editor before becoming a full-time writer in 1948. Her series character was Selena Mead, and she specialised in unidentified corpses. In addition to her novels she wrote many short stories.



From my reading I knew that a classic mystery included a murderer, a victim, and several suspects. So I began by assembling the cast of characters. But when I began to assign roles, it was obvious that only one of them could commit murder, whereas any of the other ten might be his victim. So, reversing the formula, I named the murderer on page one and centred the mystery around the identity of the victim. - Patricia McGerr.




Pick Your Victim (1946)

The Seven Deadly Sisters (1947)

Catch Me if You Can (1948)

Save the Witness (1949)

Follow, As the Night (1949) aka Your Loving Victim

Death in a Million Living Rooms (1951) aka Die Laughing

Fatal in My Fashion (1954)

Is There a Traitor in the House? (1965)

Murder is Absurd (1967)

Stranger with My Face (1968)

For Richer For Poorer Till Death (1969)

Legacy of Danger (1970)

Daughter of Darkness (1974)

Dangerous Landing (1975)


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