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Phillpotts, Eden

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Source: Wikipedia


Eden Phillpotts (November, 1862 - December 29, 1960) was a British novelist, poet, and dramatist. He was born in India, educated in Plymouth, Devon, and worked as an insurance officer for 10 years before studying for the stage and eventually becoming a writer. He also wrote under the name of Harrington Hext.


He was the author of many novels, plays and poems about Dartmoor. His Dartmoor cycle of 18 novels and two volumes of short stories still have many avid readers despite the fact that many titles are out of print. Philpotts also wrote many other books with a Dartmoor setting. He was for many years the President of the Dartmoor Preservation Association and cared passionately about the conservation of Dartmoor. Philpotts was a friend and mentor of Agatha Christie, who was a fan of his work and a regular visitor to his home.


Among his detective works are The Grey Room, the plot of which is centered on a haunted room in an English manor house, and The Red Redmaynes (1922) about the murders of the members of a family, featuring the detective Peter Ganns. He also wrote several books under the name Harrington Hext.


Late in his long writing career he wrote a few books of interest to science fiction readers. The most noteworthy being Saurus which involves an alien reptilian being observing human life, somewhat after the fashion ethnographers observed peoples deemed "primitive" at that time.


Some Phillpotts books are available from Project Gutenberg.


Detective Bibliography


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As Harrington Hext

Who Killed Diana (1924)

The Monster (1925)

Number 87 (1922)

The Thing at Their Heels (1923)

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