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Post, Melville Davisson

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Melville Davisson PostMelville Davisson Post
(1869-1930) was an American lawyer who created several series detectives, including Uncle Abner and Randolph Mason. Post was born in West Virginia and graduated from West Virginia University. He practiced criminal and corporate law and became active in politics on the Democrat side. He married Ann Bloomfield Gamble in 1903, and died at 61 following a fall from a horse.


He was a successful writer of magazine stories and pioneered the technique of developing the mystery and its solution at the same time. His detective Uncle Abner is a rugged Puritan of the early pioneer days, using his empathy and reasoning to prevent miscarriages of justice in newly settled Virginia, in a series of tales narrated by his nephew Martin. Post's other series character, Randolph Mason, is a crooked lawyer who exploits Post's knowledge of legal failings and loopholes to save his clients from punishment. Later, in The Corrector of Destinies, Mason transfers to the side of justice.


Many of Post's stories are available from Project Gutenberg and Gutenberg Australia.




The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason (1896)

The Man of Last Resort (1897) aka The Clients of Randolph Mason

The Corrector of Destinies (1908)

The Nameless Thing (1912)

Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries (1918)

The Mystery at the Blue Villa (1919)

The Sleuth of St James Square (1920)

Monsieur Jonquelle (1923)

Walker of the Secret Service (1924)

The Bradmoor Murder (1929)

The Silent Witness (1930)

The Methods of Uncle Abner (1974)

The Complete Uncle Abner (1977)


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