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Ronald, James

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James Ronald (1905-1995?) was an English writer who also wrote under the pseudonyms Michael Crombie and Kirk Wales. His one series character is Julian Mendoza, crime reporter of the London Morning World. This Way Out (1940) was turned into the Film Noir The Suspect (1944) starring Charles Laughton.



Counsel for the Defense (1932)

Six Were to Die (1932)

Star Dust (1932)

The Dark Angel (1932)

Cross Marks the Spot (1933)

Lord Peter Goes A-Wooing (1933)

The Monocled Man (1933)

The Unholy Trio (1933)

Death Croons the Blues (1934)

Diamonds of Death (1934)

The Sundial Drug Mystery (1934)

The Man Who Made Monsters (1935)

The Green Ghost Murder (1936)

Murder in the Family (1936) aka The Murder in Gay Ladies

Hanging’s Too Good (1938)

Murder for Cash (1938) aka The Fatal 45

They Can’t Hang Me! (1938)

Sick Fly On A Wheel (1938)

This Way Out (1940)

She Got What She Asked For (1941)

The Angry Woman (1948)

Old Soldiers Never Die (1942) aka Medal For The General

The Night Is Ending (1944)

Young Quentin (1951) aka Man Born Of Woman

Sparks Fly Upward (1953) 1953 aka This Temptation Is


"The Thriller"

Baby-Face (1937)

Hard-Boiled (1937)

The Sucker (1937)

The Fourth Victim (1938)

They Can’t Hang Me (1938)

The War Makers (1939)


As Michael Crombie

The Awakening of Theodore Wrenn (1934)

The Sealed Room Murder (1934)

The Gentleman Crook (1935)

The House of Horror (1935)

Murder!! (1935)

Life Must Go On (1936)

The Frightened Girl (1941) aka Cross Marks the Spot by James Ronald.


As Kirk Wales

Six Were to Die (1941) aka The Dark Angel by James Ronald


Short stories

  • The Second Bottle (1945) - Liberty Magazine
  • We'll Never Have A Nickel(1947) - Sat. Evening Post
  • Love Has Wings (1950) - Red Book
  • The Woman Who Hated Children (1951) Saturday Evening Post
  • A Tired Heart (1958) - Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

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