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GADetection Wiki posting rules


Note that putting square brackets around a word or phrase will make it into a hyperlink. Clicking on the link allows a user to create, view or edit a page with that title. When that word or phrase is bracketed anywhere else in the Wiki it automatically becomes a link to that page. The same applies to names like McKenzie which contain upper and lower case letters. To prevent this from being treated as a link precede it with a tilde character: ~McKenzie




  1. Upper and lower case should be used in names and titles: e.g. Death Goes by Bus by Leslie Cargill not DEATH GOES BY BUS or LESLIE CARGILL.
  2. Full stops are not used in names, as this confuses the Wiki: e.g. GK Chesterton not G.K. Chesterton.
  3. Words like 'and' 'of' and 'the' in the middle of titles should have a lower-case initial letter.




  1. For the time being, authors should be confined to those working in the Golden Age, roughly 1890-1960. Others may beconsidered later.
  2. All authors known to have written more than one detective work should appear in alphabetical order of surname in the alphabetical author list.
  3. Authors known or believed to have written only one work of detective fiction should be entered in the One-offs list with the title of their work.
  4. Authors should be entered, surname first, under the name under which they wrote the most or the best-known works, with a see or see also cross-reference from other names or pseudonyms:

[Carr, John Dickson]

Dickson, Carter ''see'' [Carr, John Dickson] {Two single quotes = italics}


Articles about authors


  1. Articles about authors should include their birth and death dates, a brief biography and a bibliography. Unless their other books are of special interest, the bibliography should include detective works only.
  2. Books discussed in the text should link to articles in the Wiki: i.e. they should be in this format:


Margery Allingham's last solo book, [The Mind Readers], was poorly received...


This will create a hyperlink from the text 'The Mind Readers' to the (actual or potential) article on The Mind Readers


  1. Books should be entered into the bibliography in chronological order, as follows:



[8 Faces at 3] (1939) 
[The Corpse Steps Out] (1940) 
[The Wrong Murder] (1940) 
[The Right Murder] (1941)


Articles about books (e.g. reviews)


  1. Reviews or other articles about books should be in the following format. This makes the first line into a major heading and allows the user to click on the author's name and go straight to the article about the author:


![Christie, Agatha] - Hallowe'en Party (1969)
Considering that this was one of the author’s last five books, and bearing in mind that of the other four only [Nemesis] is reasonable, this is surprisingly competent with a stronger plot and more involved detection than any of the others...


2. Other books discussed in the text should link to articles in the Wiki: see above for the appropriate format.


3. Where there are two or more books with the same title they should all be included in the one page.


4. For books written under a different pseudonym than the one used in the Wiki, the heading should be as follows:


![Carr, John Dickson] as Carter Dickson - She Died a Lady


Many thanks for your contributions, and have fun!


Jon: Moderator

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