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Strange, John Stephen

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Strange -- The Bell in the Fog -- CoverJohn Stephen Strange was the pseudonym of Dorothy Stockbridge Tillett, an English writer. She was married to William Smith Tillett, who discovered streptokinase, and of whom a biographical memoir can be found here. Her series characters were Barney Gantt, Lieutenant (later Captain) George Honegger and Van Dusen Ormsberry.




The Man Who Killed Fortescue (1929)

The Clue of the Second Murder (1929)

The Strangler Fig (1931) aka Murder at World's End

Murder Game (1931) aka Murder On The Ten-Yard Line

Black Hawthorn (1933) aka The Chinese Jar Mystery

For the Hangman (1935)

The Bell in the Fog (1937)

Silent Witnesses (1938) aka The Corpse and the Lady

Rope Enough (1939) aka The Ballot Box Murders

A Picture of the Victim (1940)

Murder Gives a Lovely Light (1942)

Look Your Last (1944)

Make My Bed Soon (1948)

All Men Are Liars (1947) aka Come To Judgement

Unquiet Grave (1949) aka Uneasy is the Grave

Reasonable Doubt (1951) aka The Fair and the Dead

Deadly Beloved (1952)

Let the Dead Past (1953) aka Dead End

A Handful of Silver (1955) aka Catch the Gold Ring

Night of Reckoning (1959)

Eye Witness (1962)

The House on 9th Street (1976)


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