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The Brooklyn Murders

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Cole, GDH see Cole, GDH and M The Brooklyn Murders (1923)



Review by Nick Fuller


The setting is the mansion of an impecunious aristocrat, now belonging to Sir Vernon Brooklyn, the famed theatrical-manager, who has constructed a theatre nearby. On the night of his birthday he announces a new will — and two dead bodies are discovered the next day. At first glance, it seems that each victim murdered the other — impossible. The discovery of a stick on the scene of one of the crimes points to Sir Vernon’s wastrel brother, Walter, as the murderer. Determined to prove his innocence, his estranged step-daughter and her lover set out to establish his movements. The killer’s identity is announced twenty pages later, and the rest of the book deals with attempts to prove his guilt. The detection is highly satisfying—note, however, that Wilson remains behind his desk for most of the tale. Something new is discovered in each chapter. While slow-moving, another piece is being put into place on the board. This continual unfolding is linked to a vision of a huge world, with thousands of characters, all carrying out their agendas — nearly Dickensian. A good, solid story.

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