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Gilbert, Michael -- Trouble (1987)




One of Gilbert’s more topical books, in which IRA terrorists use a race riot as a diversion while they smuggle explosives into the UK.  There’s also a cameo by the Iron Lady herself.  The parts with the social worker Anthony Leone are more interesting than the police campaign (troop manoeuvres, boats, etc.), which is very boring.

This is the third Gilbert I’ve read recently, and has the same plot as the other two.  I like his earlier books, which have strong plots, but his late books (except for Black Seraphim) feel pointless and unstructured.

N.B.: Gilbert’s books, for all their references to computers and IRA (big picture stuff), are set in the 1950s or 1960s (details—clerks, caravan holidays, kids called Cedric in 1987?!)


Nick Fuller.


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