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Truss, Seldon

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(Leslie) Seldon Truss (1892-1990) was a prolific English writer who also wrote under the pseudonym of George Selmark. Most of his novels feature Chief Inspector Gidleigh. Other serial detectives are Det. Insp. Shane and Chief Insp. Bass. His novel The Long Night (1956) has been turned into the movie The Long Knife (1958).



Gallows Bait (1928) aka The Living Alibi

The Stolen Millionaire (1929)

The Man Without Pity (1930) aka Number Nought

The Hunterstone Outrage (1931)

Mr Coroner Presides (1932) aka The Coroner Presides

Turmoil at Brede (1932)

They Came by Night (1933)

The Daughters of Belial (1934)

Escort to Danger (1935)

Draw the Blinds (1936) aka The Crooks' Shepherd

Murder Paves the Way (1936)

Rooksmiths (1936) aka Deadline for a Diplomat

Footsteps Behind Them (1937)

The Man Who Played Patience (1937)

She Could Take Care (1937)

Foreign Bodies (1938)

The Disappearance of Julie Hintz (1940)

Where's Mr Chumley? (1949)

Ladies Always Talk (1950) aka Why Slug a Postman?

Never Fight a Lady (1950)

Sweeter for His Going (1950)

Death Was No Lady (1952)

Always Ask a Policeman (1953)

Put Out the Light (1953) aka The Doctor Was a Dame

The High Wall (1954) aka The Other Side of the Wall

The Barberton Intrigue (1956) aka A Store of Wrath

The Long Night (1956) aka False Face

The Truth About Claire Veryan (1957)

In Secret Places (1958)

The Hidden Men (1959) aka A Man to Match the Hour

One Man's Death (1960) aka One Man's Enemies

Seven Years Dead (1961)

A Time to Hate (1962)

Technique for Treachery (1963)

Walk a Crooked Mile (1964)

The Town That Went Sick (1965)

Eyes at the Window (1966)

The Bride That Got Away (1967)

The Hands of the Shadow (1968)

The Corpse That Got Away (1969)


As George Selmark

Murder in Silence (1939)

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