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Vickers, Roy

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Roy Vickers (1889-1965) was an English journalist who created two mystery series: one about the Department of Dead Ends and the other about Felicity Dove. He was educated at Brasenose College Oxford and married Mary van Rossem. He was the Editor of Novel Magazine. His first sale to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine was an inverted mystery story, "The Rubber Trumpet", which was collected with other Department of Dead Ends stories in 1949. He also published mystery stories as Sefton Kyle, David Durham and John Spencer. His series characters were Inspector Rason, Hugh Stanton, Jabez Winterbourne and Felicity Dove.




The Mystery of the Scented Death (1921)

The Vengeance of Henry Jarroman (1923)

Ishmael's Wife (1924)

A Murder for a Million (1924)

Four Past Four (1925)

The Unforbidden Sin (1926)

The Radingham Mystery (1928)

The Gold Game (1930)

The Deputy for Cain (1931)

The Marriage for the Defence (1932)

Bardelow's Heir (1933)

Money Buys Everything (1934)

Kidnap Island (1935)

Hide Those Diamonds (1935)

The Man in the Red Mask (1935)

Terror of Tongues (1937)

The Girl in the News (1937)

I'll Never Tell (1937)

The Enemy Within (1938)

The Life Between (1938)

Playgirl Wanted (1940)

She Walked in Fear (1940)

Brenda Gets Married (1941)

A Date with Danger (1942)

War Bride (1942)

Six Came to Dinner (1948)

Gold and Wine (1948)

Murder of a Snob (1949)

The Department of Dead Ends (1949)

Murder Will Out (1950)

Murdering Mr Velfrage (1950)

They Can't Hang Caroline (1950)

The Sole Survivor (1950)

Murder in Two Flats (1952)

Eight Murders in the Suburbs (1954)

Double Image (1955)

Seven Chose Murder (1959)

Find the Innocent (1959)

Best Detective Stories (1965)


As David Durham

The Woman Accused (1923)

Hounded Down (1923)

The Exploits of Fidelity Dove (1924)

The Pearl-Headed Pin (1925)

The Forgotten Honeymoon (1935)

The Girl Who Dared (1938)

Against the Law (1939)


As Sefton Kyle

The Man in the Shadow (1924)

Dead Man's Dower (1925)

Guilty But (1927)

The Hawk (1930)

The Vengeance of Mrs Danvers (1932)

The Bloomsbury Treasure (1932)

Red Hair (1933)

The Life He Stole (1934)

The Man Without a Name (1935)

Silence (1935)

The Durand Case (1936)

Number Seventy-Three (1936)

The Body in the Safe (1937)

The Notorious Miss Walters (1937)

During His Majesty's Pleasure (1938)

Missing (1938)

Miss X (1939)

The Judge's Dilemma (1939)

The Shadow over Fairholme (1940)

The Girl Known as D 13 (1940)

The Price of Silence (1942)

Love Was Married (1943)


as John Spencer

The Whispering Death (1932)

Swell Garrick (1933)

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