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Vivian, Francis

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Francis Vivian (1906-), pseudonym of Arthur Ernest Ashley, was an English writer of detective stories. He was a founding member of the Nottingham Writers' Club. His series detectives are Insp. John Burnell, Sgt. Ronnie Drew and in most of his novels Insp. Gordon Knollis.



Death at the Salutation (1937)

The Arrow of Death (1938)

Black Alibi (1938)

Dark Moon (1939)

The Three Short Men (1939)

The Frog Was Yellow (1940)

The Death of Mr Lomas (1941)

Sable Messenger (1947)

The Threefold Cord (1947)

The Ninth Enemy (1948)

The Laughing Dog (1949)

Murder in Angel Yard (1949)

The Singing Masons (1950)

The Elusive Bowman (1951)

The Sleeping Island (1951)

The Ladies of Locksley (1953)

Darkling Death (1956)

Dead Opposite the Church (1959)

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