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Webb, Jack

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Cover to "The Damned Lovely" by Jack Webb.John Alfred "Jack" Webb (1916-2008) was a mystery writer who often featured the detective team of Sammy Golden and Father Shanley. Born and educated in Southern California, where he lived in Playa Del Ray, he had a varied career as a keeper of birds in a zoo, an aircraft production supervisor and a technical writer before turning to full-time novel writing. He should not be confused with Jack Webb (1920-1982), creator and star of Dragnet. More about the Father Joseph Shanley novels can be found here.

Source: Wikipedia




The Big Sin (1952)

The Naked Angel (1953) aka Such Women Are Dangerous

The Damned Lovely (1954)

The Broken Doll (1955)

The Bad Blonde (1956)

The Brass Halo (1957)

The Deadly Sex (1959)

The Delicate Darling (1959)

One for My Dame (1961)

Make My Bed Soon (1963)

The Gilded Witch (1963)


As John Farr

Don't Feed the Animals (1955) aka Naked Fear aka The Zoo Murders

She Shark (1956)

The Lady and the Snake (1957)

Murder Isn't Funny (1958)

Murder Ship (1958)

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