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Webster, Henry Kitchell

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Henry Kitchell Webster (1875-1932) was an American author of pulp fiction. He was born in Illinois and attended Hamilton college. He married Mary Ward Orth in 1901 and they had three sons. He wrote magazine stories and novels under several pseudonyms as well as his own name. In later years he was able to dictate his novels at the rate of 20,000 words a week.


Detective Novels

The Whispering Man (1908)

The Ghost Girl (1913)

The Butterfly (1914)

The Real Adventure (1915)

The Corbin Necklace (1926)

Philopena (1927)

The Quartz Eye; A Mystery in Ultra Violet (1928)

The Clock Strikes Two (1928)

The Sealed Trunk, (1929)

The Man With the Scarred Hand (1931)

Who is the Next? (1931)

The Alleged Great Aunt (1935)  completed posthumously by Janet Ayer Fairbank and Margaret Ayer Barnes


Other Works

Calumet K {With Samuel Merwin} (1901)

Comrade John {With Samuel Merwin} (1904)

The Short Line War {With Samuel Merwin} (1904)

The Banker and the Bear; the Story of A Corner in Lard (1900)

Roger Drake, Captain of Industry (1902)

The Duke of Cameron Avenue (1904)

Traitor and Loyalist (1904)

A King in Khaki (1909)

The Sky Man (1910)

The Girl in the Other Seat (1911)

The Painted Scene: and Other Stories of the Theater (1916)

The Thoroughbred (1917)

An American Family: A Novel of To Day (1918)

Real Life (1921)

Webster (1922)

Joseph Greer and His Daughter (1922)

The Other Story, and Other Stories, (1923)

The Innocents: A Novel (1924)

The Beginners (1927)


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