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Wells, Carolyn

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Carolyn Wells

Carolyn Wells (1870-1942) was an American parodist and anthologist. Born in Rahway, New Jersey, and nearly deaf from the age of six, Wells became a librarian and later in life married Hadwin Houghton (son of publisher Bernard Houghton of Houghton Mifflin). She collected anthologies of nonsense and parody, and wrote several full-length parodies herself, including the Sherlock Holmes parody "The Adventure of the Clothes-line" (1915), which can be found in The Game Is Afoot (1994). Wells wrote eighty-two mysteries, most featuring the bookish detective Fleming Stone. Her novel The Clue (1909) is on the Haycraft-Queen Cornerstone List of essential mysteries. She also wrote a nonfiction instructional work, The Technique of the Mystery Story (1913), available on the Internet at Gaslight. Her other series characters were Kenneth Carlisle, Alan Ford, Lorimer Lane and Pennington Wise.


"The detective story must seem real, in the sense that fairy tales seem real to children."


Some of Wells's mysteries are available from Project Gutenberg.



The Clue (1909)

The Gold Bag (1911)

A Chain of Evidence (1912)

The Maxwell Mystery (1913)

Anybody But Anne (1914)

The White Alley (1915)

The Curved Blades (1916)

The Bride of A Moment (1916)

The Mark of Cain (1917)

Faulkner's Folly (1917)

Vicky Van (1918)

The Room With the Tassels (1918)

The Man Who Fell Through the Earth (1919)

The Diamond Pin (1919)

Raspberry Jam (1920)

In the Onyx Lobby (1920)

The Come Back (1921)

The Luminous Face (1921)

The Mystery of the Sycamore (1921)

The Mystery Girl (1922)

The Vanishing of Betty Varian (1922)

The Affair at Flower Acres (1923)

Wheels Within Wheels (1923)

Feathers Left Around (1923)

More Lives Than One (1923)

Spooky Hollow (1923)

The Furthest Fury (1924)

Prilligirl (1924)

The Fourteenth Key (1924)

The Moss Mystery (1924)

Face Cards (1925)

Anything But the Truth (1925)

The Daughter of the House (1925)

The Bronze Hand (1926)

The Clue of the New Pin (1926)

The Vanity Case (1926)

The Red Haired Girl (1926)

All at Sea (1927)

Where's Emily? (1927)

The Sixth Commandment (1927)

Deep Lake Mystery (1928)

The Crime in the Crypt (1928)

The Tannahill Tangle (1928)

The Tapestry Room Murder (1929)

Triple Murder (1929)

Sleeping Dogs (1929)

The Doorstep Murders (1930)

The Doomed Five (1930)

The Ghosts' High Noon (1930)

The Skeleton at the Feast (1931)

Horror House (1931)

The Umbrella Murder (1931)

Fuller's Earth (1932)

The Roll Top Desk Mystery (1932)

The Broken O (1933)

The Clue of the Eyelash (1933)

The Master Murderer (1933)

Eyes in the Wall (1934)

The Visiting Villain (1934)

The Beautiful Derelict (1935)

For Goodness' Sake (1935)

The Wooden Indian (1935)

The Huddle (1936)

In the Tiger's Cage (1936)

Money Musk (1936)

Murder in the Bookshop (1936)

The Mystery of the Tarn (1937)

The Radio Studio Murder (1937)

Gilt Edged Guilt (1938)

The Killer (1938)

The Missing Link (1938)

Calling All Suspects (1939)

Crime Tears On (1939)

The Importance of Being Murdered (1939)

Crime Incarnate (1940)

Devil's Work (1940)

Murder on Parade (1940)

Murder Plus (1940)

The Black Night Murders (1941)

Murder at the Casino (1941)

Murder Will in (1942)

Who Killed Caldwell? (1942)


As Rowland Wright


The Disappearance of Kimball Webb (1920)

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