What can I do to help

What you can do to help with the Wiki


  1. Read the pages and examine the source code until you are familiar with the system and the methods used.
  2. Book reviews - lots and lots of them.
  3. Birth and death years for as many authors as possible, both in the author listing and in the biographies.
  4. Some biographies have been taken straight from Wikipedia and have little to say about the writer's mystery career. These should be edited to give prominence to the detective writings.
  5. Add authors - British authors are currently under-represented, for instance. Even a one-line entry provides a hook on which someone else can hang details.
  6. Pictures. Storage space in the Wiki is limited, so wherever possible it is better to link to external images. This is done by putting the image URL in square brackets: e.g. [http://www.litandphil.org.uk/agatha.jpg]
  7. Short stories. I have indicated these with a preceding asterisk -- * Death Debt -- but I haven't attempted to locate them all or attribute them to magazines. Feel free to add them in but be sure to use the asterisk, or they will be classed as books.
  8. Approaching publishers who reissue GAD material and a) inviting them to contribute to the Wiki b) noting which books are available from them. I have nothing against using the Wiki as a marketing tool.
  9. Correcting errors - of which there are bound to be many.