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Whittington, Harry

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Harry Whittington was an American writer with many pseudonyms. He was born in Ocala Florida and served in the US Navy during WW2. He married Kathryn Odom in 1936 and worked as a copywriter and editor before retiring to write full-time in 1975. Some of his pulp stories have been reissued in three volumes and are available from Amazon and NuovoBookstore.



Slay Ride For A Lady (1950)

Murder Is My Mistress (1951)

Married To Murder (1951)

Fires That Destroy (1951)

Call Me Killer (1951)

The Brass Monkey (1951)

The Lady Was A Tramp (1951) aka Murder At Midnight

Swamp Kill (1952)

Savage Love (1952)

Girl On Parole (1952)

Satan's Widow (1952)

Mourn The Hangman (1952)

Forever Evil (1952)

Drawn To Evil (1952)

Body And Passion (1952) aka Dear Deadly Past

Violent Night (1952) aka Rogue Cop

Vengeful Sinner (1953) aka Die, Lover

So Dead My Love (1953) aka Let's Count Our Dead

Sinner's Club (1954) aka Teen Age Jungle

You'll Die Next (1954) Buy

One Got Away (1955)

The Naked Jungle (1955)

A Woman On The Place (1956)

Saturday Night Town (1956)

Girl On Sin Street (1956)

Desire In The Dust (1956)

The Humming Box (1956) aka A Package Of Murder

Brute In Brass (1956) aka Forgive Me, Killer

Temptations Of Valerie (1957)

Play For Keeps (1957)

One Deadly Dawn (1957)

Man In The Shadow (1957)

Across That River (1957)

Web Of Murder (1958)

Trouble Rides Tall (1958)

A Ticket To Hell (1959)

Strangers On Friday (1959)

Strange Bargain (1959)

Shack Road Girl (1959)

Halfway To Hell (1959)

Backwoods Tramp (1959) aka A Moment To Prey

Strip The Town Naked (1960)

A Night For Screaming (1960)

Rebel Woman (1960)

Hell Can Wait (1960)

Heat Of Night (1960)

Guerilla Girls (1960)

The Devil Wears Wings (1960)

Connolly's Woman (1960)

A Woman Possessed (1961)

Journey Into Violence (1961)

God's Back Was Turned (1961)

Hot As Fire, Cold As Ice (1962)

A Haven For The Damned (1962)

69 Babylon Park (1962)

Don't Speak To Strange Girls (1963)

Cora Is A Nympho (1963)

Cross The Red Creek (1964)

Wild Lonesome (1965)

Doomsday Mission (1967)

Burden's Mission (1968)

The Dimes Of Harry Whittington Vol 1 (2000)

The Dimes Of Harry Whittington Vol 2 (2000)

The Dimes Of Harry Whittington Vol 3 (2000)

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